Challenges of parents of babies

I have had some wonderful dialogues with parents of infants in recent weeks.  It’s so touching to hear how parents experience the stage of life parenting a brand new, unique person!  It’s so clear that it’s a tremendous time of development for the parents, who are learning so many new things and having so many new experiences.  When I observe infants and toddlers, I constantly feel I can “see” their brains and skills developing!  And I realize that the parents’ brains and skills are going through tremendous growth as well.  It is truly a magical time in a person’s life.

So, my next few blog posts will involve sharing a little about the unique challenges and insights of parents of babies and toddlers.


  • In the early months, you’re just exhausted from lack of sleep. 
  • For a while when she was a little baby, I couldn’t figure out why she was crying or what she needed.  I felt like I was a bad mom. 
  • I didn’t know anything about teething at all!  So, she would be crying and have a runny nose and diarrhea and I just didn’t know what was going on!
  • At first, you feel overwhelmed and insecure and you can’t even figure out how to take of basic things you’ve always done, like taking a shower.  You can really feel overwhelmed and alone.
  • Sometimes I get worried that my child crying will annoy people and I need to somehow make it stop—but you can’t always make them stop crying.  It can cause a lot of stress. 
  • There were tough things going on in my life at the same time as I was starting to parent her. I went through a separation with the father.  I experienced postpartum depression and I also had to go back to work very soon, so it was a really tough time. 
  • For a long time, I worried all the time that I was a bad mom because I didn’t figure something out that my baby needed.  Or I worried that other people would think my child was bad or I’m a bad mother. 
  • It’s not easy to find a comfortable place to nurse the baby here in the US like it is in some other countries. 

What Helped?

  • Talking to my mom!
  • More time getting to know the baby.
  • Learning to trust myself.
  • Support from other parents.
  • People who were understanding and supportive.
  • Some things I read in books and online helped.
  • Little by little, I was able to figure out some routines.
  • Practical advice—like:
    • As my baby got a bit older and was still crying herself to sleep every single night, I got advice to go and sit with her when she’s crying herself to sleep.  I’m letting her develop her self-soothing skills without abandoning her when she’s upset.
    • Talk to the baby about what’s going on, even if you don’t think she can understand, such as “Mommy is tired and upset right now and just needs a break.  I’ll be right in the next room and I will be back soon.”
    • Just take the baby in the shower with you!

What is some of the best advice you got about parenting?

Next post—insights shared by parents of infants and toddlers…


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