gt headshot pretty smile 2013Dr. Ginny has been speaking to enthusiastic standing room only audiences at national conferences and local parent events alike.  She shares key insights and tips gleaned over more than 30 years of work with children about how adults can avoid common practices that actually HINDER child development. She teaches parents and other caregivers the uncommon keys to raising young children to become the intelligent, authentic, confident individuals they are born to be.

Comments from workshop participants:

I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your presentation, as a preschool mental health consultant and as a parent of 3 little boys.  Immediately after coming home from the conference, I moved all their bowls, glasses, snacks, etc. to a reachable level.  Then I began showing them how to prepare food, use the mixer, cut their own apples, etc.  I was amazed at their capability, carefulness and self-control when they were cutting, pouring, cracking eggs, etc.  Wow!  And they felt SO PROUD.  Thank you for an amazing and perspective-altering presentation.  I will be sharing all of this useful information with the staff at the preschool as well!  — Liz Schemlein, Teller Park Early Childhood Council

This was the best presentation of the conference!  Excellent– lot of information to squeeze into small time, but done exceedingly well  🙂

I’m expecting my 1st child in July.  🙂  This seminar has been amazing!  (I plan on buying your book and sharing this with my husband.)  Thank you for giving me confidence and excitement today in becoming a Mom!!!  You were great!   

I am truly inspired by your workshop and already implementing your recommendations at home as a parent, and at school in our program.  

I love how you show what the adults DO that nurture’s children’s potential.  I could really see how children develop great skills when adults do the right things.  No one has ever pulled it all together like this!

I am going to make big changes to my approach to young children in my life– I’m going to show more confidence in them and let them DO more!

Awesome! Valuable and needed information.

This is the information I’ve been looking for– other presentations about intelligence are too academic. This one actually showed us how to help young children develop these skills!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I want everyone who works with young children to understand this approach.  Please write the book! 

This was the best presentation of the conference.

What I learned from the class validates what I know, yet at the same time brings it back to the forefront of my mind.

Loved the class and learned a lot in a little time.  Thank you!

She has offered workshops and speeches on this topic to nationwide audiences– including:

  • 2016 American Montessori Society Annual Conference, Chicago — standing room only crowd
  • 2016 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference, Denver
  • 2015 University of Colorado Denver
  • 2015 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference, Denver — standing room only crowd
  • 2014 Annual Conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Dallas
  • 2013 Zero to Three National Training Institute, San Antonio
  • 2013 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference, Denver
  • 2013 Conference, North American Montessori Teacher’s Association, Minneapolis
  • 2012 NAEYC Annual Conference, Atlanta
  • 2011 NAEYC Annual Conference, Orlando
  • numerous talks to parent groups

gt headshot pretty smile 2013

If you would like to invite me to speak at a conference or event, or get a copy of my speaker info, please email at drginnyt@gmail.com or call at (720) 443-5056


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