Parenting Classes

I offer the following classes for parents — mostly in Colorado front range communities.  Telecourses are also available for parents outside of Colorado or parents who find that easier than getting a sitter.  Please get in touch with me if you would like to know more.

Class Topics:

  • 7 Keys to Becoming the Best, Least Stressed Parent on the Block! How to Build a Stress Free Relationship that Nurtures the Young Child’s Intelligence, Courtesy, and Self-Reliance
  • To Reward and Praise or Not to Praise?  Tips for Nurturing Initiative and Self-Reliance in Young Children
  • Don’t Helicopter Your Toddler– The Secrets to Living Stress Free with a Toddler!
  • Raise your Child to be a Thinking, Emotionally Intelligent Individual who Relates Well with Others
  • End Entitlement!  Raise Your Child to be Capable, Confident, Respectful, and Self-Reliant
  • The Secrets to Raising a Child to become a Happy Person

email at or call at (720) 443-5056


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