Parent Coaching

Supporting parents to build stress-free relationships and nurture the best in their child– s
tarting from the early years.

Parenting is important and challenging.  And there is so much conflicting advice out there.  And, the worst thing is that much of that advice leads parents to create relationships with their children that don’t produce considerate, respectful behavior OR competent, capable, intelligent children.  

Dr. Ginny teaches a new generation of conscious parents and caregivers how to have happy, stress-free relationships with their children, starting from the first 3 years.  The secrets to developing a peaceful, cooperative, and stress free family life—and nurturing the best development in the young child — come from decades of study of early child development and experience working with and observing hundreds of children and families. 

The truth is that too many of the things being recommended, such as praise, rewards, and time outs just don’t work as intended, and cause myriad additional problems adding to stressful parenting. The first key is to ignore conventional parenting advice that emphasizes the child’s behavior without laying the foundation to support a child’s natural learning drives.

Who is Parent Coaching for?

  • conscious parents who want to build a stress-free family and a mutually respectful relationship with their child from the beginning
  • parents who want to be confident in their parenting approach and would rather get it right in the beginning than have to undo a lot of mistakes later on
  • parents who want their children to grow up to become capable, self-reliant, thinking, happy, whole individuals

Dr. Ginny partners with parents to develop great knowledge, skills, and confidence so they can raise their young child or their teen in a manner that will elicit the child’s best self.  This enables the young child to become the intelligent, thinking, self-reliant, and compassionate individual they were born to be– people with  the skills to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Toddlers are particularly prepared to work at becoming capable individuals. The parent-child relationship has tremendous power to unleash the brilliance of the unique, one-of-a-kind child — to allow that child to become his/ her best SELF.

I work with parents who are committed to their ongoing learning and development.  They want to be the best parents they can be and they want their children to become the best individuals they can be.  I love to share in the joy when their friends and family comment on how wonderfully intelligent, considerate, and happy their children are.  

Why do parents need coaching to be the best parents they can be?  Coaching can help parents tap into their highest wisdom as parents. Parents often call a coach because:

  • they want to be more confident in themselves as parents
  • they want tips on how to give their children the best chance to fulfill their unique mission in this life
  • they want help achieving their vision of a wonderful parent-child relationship

Many influences pull and push parents in directions that don’t help.  Most people don’t have much opportunity to study how children learn and develop so, for better or for worse, what we know about parenting comes from how we were parented.  In addition, human nature guides us to focus more on problems than on strengths– which has a detrimental effect on child learning and development and on relationships.  Finally, there are a number of modern cultural influences over-emphasizing danger and leading parents to a fear-based approach.  Such an approach will make parenting in the toddler years much more difficult than it needs to be–  and will hinder your child’s development.

A coach can support you in fulfilling your highest intentions as a parent. You can learn to bring your best self to the parenting relationship, discover the best in your child, and enjoy the rewards of creating a family and raising a fully-realized, one-of-a-kind, individual person!

And, the more of us who achieve that, the better our world will be!

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I love when people become the brilliant, self-reliant individuals they were born to be.  That’s why I love working with parents of young children.  

If you would like to discuss how coaching could help you create the parent-child relationshipo you always dreamed of, please give me a call at (720) 443-5056 or email at


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