Born for Brilliance System

The Born for Brilliance approach was born out of unique opportunities to observe the best early learning environments for infants and young children and to contrast them with typical modern child-rearing approaches with young children. Observing remarkable development– great capability, confidence, self-reliance, grace and courtesy– among young children — 1, 2 and 3 year olds– in a particular learning environment, child psychologist Dr. Ginny Trierweiler realized there was something very important going on.  

When she contrasted the environment and the adult’s approach in the optimal environment with the typical modern approach to young children, it became apparent that there are many aspects of modern child-rearing approaches that actually interfere with great, healthy development.  Unfortunately, these are the approaches most parents are trying hard to follow– and, because they are doing everything right according to these approaches, they don’t understand why their relationships with their children are so stressful and their  children are growing up with a lot of anxieties and difficulties coping with the challenges of life. 

The early years provide a moment of great opportunity to shape the capabilities and the habits that make realizing one’s potential more or less likely.  Recognizing that both great and troublesome development have their foundations in the first 3 years, Dr. Ginny developed the Born for Brilliance system to teach parents and early educators the secrets to nurturing young children’s natural learning drives and unique potential.  

What is the Born for Brilliance System?

The Born for Brilliance system is an approach to use with infants, toddlers, and young children which nurtures the best in the young child, increasing the chances that the young child will become competent, capable, and confident, self-reliant, caring, and courteous. Parents and other caregivers understand and respect the child’s inherent learning drives and innate intelligence and they actively nurture the child’s individual potential.  

The Born for Brilliance system weaves 7 inter-related keys into a systematized array of classes and products that teach and support parents (and other caregivers) to nurture the best in young children, nurturing their innate intelligence and capability, love of learning, self-reliance, caring, courtesy and compassion. 

What are the benefits of using the Born for Brilliance System?

Parents and early educators have discovered that using this system brings out the best in their young children. When adults use this approach with the young child, many of the following benefits naturally accrue—in pretty stark contrast to the typical approach to young children:

  • The parent and child develop a relationship founded in great mutual understanding, respect and high regard
  • Parents develop skills for building a happy, stress-free family life 
  • The young child develops a love of learning and demonstrates initiative, confidence, and persistence in learning
  • These great early foundations enable the child to develop great capabilities in all major areas of life– to become capable, self-reliant, thinking, happy, whole individuals

Each child really is born to become someone uniquely brilliant. And the great thing is that this approach which nurtures the brilliance of the child also allows parents to develop a great parent-child relationship, grounded in mutual respect and high regard, from the very beginning.

If you would rather start your parent-child relationship off on the right foot and give your child the best chance to become his or her best self– rather than wait and pay for therapists, etc. later– this program is for you!

More on the genesis of the Born for Brilliance System at this link-


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