Babies are people, after all!

baby with spoon

As a child psychologist, I thought I already knew that babies were people!

But, then I had lots of opportunity to watch infants over the past several years working in a Montessori school.  Watching the infant classrooms, I have been amazed to realize how much more their little heads than I ever knew before!

Recently, I spent an hour observing in one of these classrooms.  It was inspiring! The babies were busily working on their own development –many with very little help from adults.  One pre-mobile infant was laying in front of an aquarium and reacting delightedly to the fish’s activities.  Some were sitting in little chairs at a little table, eating a snack.  One boy was working on walking and managing stairs– with no help from adults.

It was clear how much they enjoyed doing things for themselves– even as infants!

It looked and felt so different from a typical day care program.  With less help from adults and more opportunity to do for themselves, the babies were more obviously PEOPLE.

I spent time trying to understand what it was about the environment and the adults that made it possible for the babies to be more fully human.  Let’s explore that in upcoming blogs!

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