I believe each individual is born with a unique mission in life.  And mine is to help awaken parents and caregivers to the native intelligence and natural learning drives of the young child, so they can bring out the best in the children and enjoy very rewarding, stress-free relationships with them, too.

The Born for Brilliance system gives parents and caregivers key insights and practices for living stress free with their child, teaching key insights and practices for fostering:

  1. … active, self-directed learning;
  2. …. intelligence, self-reliance, courtesy, consideration and respect for self and others;
  3. … the skills and capabilities in young children that will allow them to live fulfilling, happy lives.

Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D. is an expert in human development who has worked with hundreds of children and parents, and hundreds of early childhood caregivers.  She loves to coach parents and caregivers who want to make a great positive difference for young children, and are committed to their own growth and development to achieve that impact.

More about her background:

  • child psychologist-turned- parent coach with 30 years’ study of human development and a history of successful work supporting the development of hundreds of children, parents, educators, and leaders
  • Former director of an exemplary Montessori school for babies and young children
  • Author of a soon-to-be-released book titled Let Me Do it Myself!  Secrets for Raising a Capable, Confident, Considerate Toddler, with Books to Believe in Press
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education
  • National Speaker and freelance writer on early child development

What People are Saying:

More people need to know this! several people at every talk

I love to have Dr. Ginny speak to my Human Development students because her perspective on toddlers is so great.  She shows so clearly, in very unbiased, observable ways, how much more capable young children are than we think.  It’s really important that parents, early educators, and child therapists understand the capabilities of young children so they can empower them to learn and enlarge their lives, rather than restrict them. — Lesly Terrance, MSW, Executive Director, Healing from the Heart and Instructor, Community College of Denver

I am truly inspired by your class and am already implementing your recommendations–  at home as a parent, and at school in our program.  

I love how you show what the adults DO that nurture’s children’s potential.  I could really see how children develop great skills when adults do the right things.  No one has ever pulled it all together like this!

I am going to make big changes to my approach to young children in my life– I’m going to show more confidence in them and let them DO more!

Awesome! Valuable and needed information.

This is the information I’ve been looking for– other presentations about intelligence are too academic. This one actually showed us how to help young children develop these skills!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I want everyone who works with young children to understand this approach.  Please write the book! 

gt headshot pretty smile 2013

Dr. Ginny Trierweiler



If you would like to invite me to speak at a parent meeting, conference or event or if you would like to inquire about parent coaching, please contact me at (720) 443-5056 or drginnyt@gmail.com

4 Responses to About

  1. Dear Ginny,
    A colleague of mine just attended your NAEYC workshop and spoke so very highly of it.
    I am a current PhD candidate, looking at the correlation between the Montessori method and the emergence of executive functioning skills.
    I would love to peek at the presentation that I missed, or look at a paper or a proposal that you have used.
    As you know, so little has been explored in that particular area, and any reading on the matter would be SO appreciated.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Yasmine– that is wonderful that you are going to study this topic.

      I will send you a copy of the poster we presented at Zero to Three 2013 on this topic and please call to discuss any time. I am very interested in the topic and would love to see a researcher build upon what we observed.

      I will send the poster directly to your email address.

      I will send you my phone number and a link to schedule a phone call, too.


      Ginny Trierweiler

  2. Claire mamrout says:

    I attended the above mentioned session at this years NAEYC conference. Being that I was lucky enough to attend the conference while other teachers had to stay behind, I would like to pass along any information that you can share. I have plenty of notes on the topic from the presentation and I was told I can get some more from the NAEYC website. Unfortunately, I can not find any thing on it. May you please share the link or the actual information?
    Thank you so much

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