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Helicopter parenting– where does it come from– and how can we avoid it?

By Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D. Where does helicopter parenting come from?  Isn’t it just a super-extraordinary form of love? I became very curious about this 10 years ago when I first observed toddlers and young children demonstrating much more capability, courtesy, and … Continue reading

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How to help your young child learn to say “Sorry”– and mean it!

by Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D. Let’s face it—apologizing isn’t particularly easy for anyone!  If we’ve done something wrong, it’s hard to admit it.  We can feel like we’re “losing face” when we apologize.  And, if someone tells us we have to … Continue reading

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How helicopter parenting leads to tantrums

Some of the parents I work with are worried about becoming the dreaded helicopter parent– described in the media and in research as a parent who hovers constantly over their child, overprotecting the child to the point of hindering the child’s growth and development.   The … Continue reading

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Teaching children to say “sorry”– Part 2– how to treat mistakes

by Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D., the Born for Brilliance parent coach In the next post, I will share more specific suggestions about how to help your child learn to apologize when she really ought to.  In this post, I will address … Continue reading

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