Do you want to build a happy, stress-free relationship with your young child from the early years, and not have to un-do a lot of mistakes later on?

Do you want to be confident that your parenting approach will effectively nurture the best habits in your child and will produce an enviably enjoyable parent-child relationship that lasts for a lifetime?  

If you want to nurture the best in your child, so they can grow up to become a capable, confident, self-reliant, happy, whole individual, it’s easiest to start from the early years– when they are babies and toddlers!

If you seek an approach to raise your child(ren) in a way that best serves their development toward becoming wholehearted, self-reliant individuals and builds a great parent-child relationship, this approach is for you!

I’m helping a new generation of parents to nurture young children’s natural learning drives so they can become the uniquely intelligent, considerate, self-reliant individuals they were born to be.  I love when parents are able to create the kind of happy, high regard relationship with their child they always dreamed of.  And they love to see their  young children becoming their wholehearted selves!  

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Dr. Ginny Trierweiler


To invite me to speak to a parent group or schedule a complementary initial phone call , give me a call at 303-975-6103 or send an email at drginnyt@gmail.com.